How to Make Your Own Keychain Heart Tattoo

This Personalized Keychain Heart makes a perfect housewarming or stocking stuffer. Choose 2D to create a nice flat picture. Choose 3D for a more detailed picture with a more realistic depth. For best results, choose a close-up portrait for the photo inserted on the keychain. Always remove the background of the photo before making your own 2D or 3D engraved heart keychain. Use your own creative imagination and creativity to design a unique and special keychain heart.

Embellishing your heart with a Keychain Heart is easy to do! Simply buy a heart keychain design, cut out the photo, or use a photo you like to create a unique heart keychain designs. With this simple step, you are creating an impressive and meaningful personalized gift for a friend or family member in your life.

You can also use this as a wonderful housewarming gift on your very first anniversary. Just slip the two photos into the keychain and have the Engraver applied onto the two photos. If you wish, there are other engravings options available for the photo too. For example, you can engrave the name of the couple, or a phrase that goes along with their names. You can also incorporate a date, which would be special for the couple’s anniversary. If the bride and groom are related, then you can use a symbol representing their relationship such as a heart.

There are many other choices for the design of your keychain heart. You can use a heart that has a company logo and display it on the keychain. These photo keychains are very popular because you can use any picture you wish to use and have it appear on the keychain. The photos do not have to be perfect, just take the best possible ones!

For something different, try a keychain that is made from glass. This could be a special surprise for someone special in your life. They will love the fact that this is not their typical everyday keychain, especially one that is made from glass. This will be a lovely gift when presented by a loved one because of its beauty, uniqueness and special meaning.

To engrave a photo on a keychain, you can use a card or piece of paper. You will need to print out the photo on both pieces of paper, and use the card as a ring. It is important to make sure the photo is free of tears or smudges so it does not look too crumpled. You should use a hot iron on the card so it will be nice and soft. You should be able to use a hot iron with the photo to make the desired result, which will be a great personalized keychain that has a unique heart design on it.

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