Picture Necklace and Engraved Jewelry: Personalization Options

picture necklace is always the perfect gift! Choose your favorite picture and mail it in for an elegant picture necklace or to get it permanently etched on a picture necklace. You can even have a huge array of picture necklaces to select from. Get one for that special woman in your life today.

Most picture necklaces are made with either silver or gold; choose the material you want depending on your taste. Some have additional customization options such as having your name or initials engraved on the charm. You can choose a simple charm or one with intricate detailed designs. If you want to add some more character to your necklace, you can engrave your initials or name in between the stones.

To personalize your picture necklace, a good jeweler will use high quality jewelry stones which are heat processed or laser etched. If you prefer a non-traditional look, a pendant might be the right choice for you. Picture pendants come in a variety of styles and shapes including heart-shaped, rectangular, oval, round and square. With a pendant, you can display your personal favorite photos or a classic image such as a handcrafted picture.

You can find a variety of picture necklace options from local jewelers as well as on-line stores. Prices vary widely, depending on the size and type of stone used and additional customization options available from jewelers. Many jewelers offer engraving and laser etching as part of their standard services. If you do not wish to go through a jeweler for this important jewelry purchase, some websites offer to engrave your name on the pendant for an extra cost, but you have much more control over the quality and type of stone used.

Laser engraving can create raised fonts, bold or delicate patterns and you can choose a solid or semi-solid font for the text portion of your picture necklace. Text can also be written in a script or font that is legible, even if the font is not fancy. In addition to the text portion, some jewelers can etch a special message into your pendant. The message can be written in a color, font or pattern of your choice and there are many designs and graphics available that will make your pendant stand out from other necklaces.

Customization options for picture necklace and other jewelries is a growing trend among consumers. Whether you want a necklace with a personal message, or want a necklace with a special inscription, jewelers offer personalization options in a variety of styles. You can also choose from a large variety of styles of stones, colors and textures. Most jewelers online will have an on-line catalog of available options that are similar to those found in most brick and mortar jewelry stores.

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