Finding an Electrician Near Me

As I drive down the road to work each day, there are a handful of electricians I see driving by that I would have never stopped to talk with. I have never met them, but I always thought they were a nice person, maybe a god fearing entrepreneur. One day, I was talking to my boss about this and he said; “Well actually I think he’s a fraud. He doesn’t even have a license to sell electrical products in our town!” I didn’t say anything at that moment because I was angry and hurt at my own lack of education on electricians.

After that day, I never looked at any of these so called electricians the same way again. I always went up to them with an open mind to find out what they did and why they were qualified to do the work they were doing. Some of the people that would come to me while driving down the road to work, I would stop and talk to them. One of these individuals was a Licensed Electrician Near Me!

One day, I was talking to one of the electrician near me, whom I had previously never met, and he informed me that he was retired, and that he had been doing electrical wiring for the construction industry, including residential homes. I asked him what company he worked for, and he told me it was one of the larger electrical contracting companies in our area. He went on to tell me all of the great things that I could do if I needed any help with any electrical wiring for home projects, and advised me to contact him immediately if I ever needed any.

Ever since that conversation, I have gone up to him when I needed something done around the house, like when we were painting the living room a few years back. He always came to help me whenever I needed him, and always offered a discount for whatever service I needed done. He even offered to help my husband and I install an outdoor radiant heating system for us, as we are interested in that type of technology. Recently, I noticed that the electrician we had used for several years no longer works for the company that he works for, because someone from another state replaced him. So, I wasn’t able to get that great discount that I had previously when I first found out that he was a Licensed Electrician near me.

The next licensed electrician that I would ask about would be someone from another state. We live out in the country, so we really don’t have many choices in terms of where electrical wiring is done. Luckily, there are still a few out there that will offer affordable prices, so I always try to go to one of those before I would use an electrical contractor in another city. In my mind, this person should be well-trained in Electrical Engineering and should have many years experience with electrical wiring and with working with large amounts of electrical wiring.

The last electrical contractor that I would recommend for you is someone who actually specializes in electrical wiring and installation. This is what I would call a true electrician. These people truly know how to fit wires and electrical equipment into a space and make it work properly the first time. If you have ever seen a movie or a video of someone doing something electrical, you would know that these individuals must have some kind of training and experience, because they are able to do almost anything at any given time. Therefore, if you ever are stuck, and need someone to come in and ask them to hook up some wires, you should ask for a residential electrician that has a specialty in fixing residential wiring.

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